Still Nothing On The Radio

I remember coming back to my hometown in September after spending the summer in Missouri, having collected a lot of material for my blog and typing up my first two. The second was about songs on the radio. It bugged me how radio stations didn’t bother about picking any new songs and how only ten different songs filled up ALL radio stations. Apparently, it bothered me so much, I had to write about it upon arrival.

I can hear you holding your breath in despair. He isn’t writing the same blog again, is he? We get it, there’s not that much difference in the songs they play on the radio. Get over it already. It’s worse than you think. There is no difference in the songs ever since September. I could write the same blog again, listing the same songs and it would still be relevant. Maybe not that much fun, but it would be relevant. I’m planning on coming back here in the summer again (or get rich and come before then), and I hope by then all radio stations have adopted a new playlist.

Did you know you can subscribe to this blog using JUST your email? It’s wonderful.

Remember how I never took pictures of anything last time and in my previous post mentioned a very convenient stamp machine? It just takes 7 quarters (to anyone Dutch: compare  that to having 7x 50cs in your wallet), so it’s super easy.

I think the odds of someone accidentily having 7 quarters and needing 3 stamps at the same time is not enough to place a venting machine


8 thoughts on “Still Nothing On The Radio

  1. I was just saying that the radio has been playing the same songs for a year straight yesterday! I find myself listening to CD’s again in my car… because if I’m going to listen to old music… it might as well be 1990s movie soundtracks.

  2. Sigh… the newspapers run the same stories, the news on TV has a very limited palette of coverage, and so on. There are ways to get around this, but first you must admit there is a problem. ;o)

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