The Joy Of Travel

While you read this, I’ll be well on my way to Missouri (if you’re fast enough). I’ll have visited already two different airports before I get to a country where air travel is actually not a pain: the States. Before y’all start whining in the comments about this one time where a flight was delayed for hours: I’m talking fellow travellers. For me, Americans are an example when it comes to travelling.

Travel comes with quite some collateral damage. If travelling would be just about the stories afterwards, everyone would do it. In fact, most of the time travelling isn’t getting from point A to point B, it’s waiting for the opportunity to do so*. You’re in line for checking in, border control and immigration, the gate, the lavatory, exiting the plane and getting your bags off baggage claim. People all over the world hate waiting in line. Still, waiting in line with Americans beats any European people I’ve ever met.

Travelling people. Americans, I tell you.

Americans (I’ll be taking stories about exceptions in the comments) respect queues and rules. When a plane lands in Amsterdam, people react in a very different way than when the landing takes place in Chicago. In the former, people start calling relatives, acquintances and total strangers when the first wheel hits the ground. By the time the overall speed of the vehicle has reached anything under 60 mph, everyone (including the window seats) stands up, takes their carry-on baggage from the overhead compartments and starts pushing towards the door. As a rule of thumb: if you’re Dutch and chose a seat in the back, you should push twice as hard as when you would’ve sat in the front. American planes have their one or two annoying people that call once the plane reaches the gate, but the leaving procedure is perfect. People in the first row get up, get their stuff and while they’re walking out, row 2 gets up, get their stuff etc. It will be a delight to land in Chicago once again.

I would like to invite everyone to post their horror travel stories in the comment section. Ready? Set? GO!

*This is not an actual statistic, but a made-up number to improve this particular blog post.


8 thoughts on “The Joy Of Travel

    • I was talking about landing at O’Hare. Although I find there’s not that much wrong with it. Paris turned out to be the rotten apple yesterday. They have a transfer flight terminal, where you have to stand in line (for a French reason) for border control, while everyone’s plane is already boarding AND no information is provided whatsoever. So everyone thinks they’ll be late for their flight, no information is available and to everybody’s surprise there’s a queue for border control. Imagine that crowd. Brrrrr. I think the whole thing is a psychological experiment.

  1. Same thing happens in my country, as soon as the plane landed phones turn on. You can hear the start-up tones.
    I always bring gadgets or books while traveling, it helps to entertain me in long queues 😀

  2. I think Americans do the contacting thing as well, but I would say a lot of us just text people… so maybe it’s just quieter lol

  3. Off-topic but – in my semi-limited experience – it seems only Westerners (Americans, Canadians, Caribbeans, etc) obey the queue; everyone else (Europeans, Asians, Middle Easterners, etc) ‘jump’ the line, shove, and otherwise make a nuisance (IMO) of themselves. Oh well, our differences are what make us unique and interesting, right…right?! 🙂

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