Missouri Visiting, part I: Fireworks

Ahhh, dear readers. This is what 2012 feels like. My year started excellent. I dropped my girlfriend off at the airport, decided to clean my room and then locked myself outside my building for over seven hours. Still, it didn’t let me down. Before I dropped her off, Missouri (I have decided that’s a good nickname on many levels) spend the week here. As this blog is featured around me visiting Missouri, this particular one will go the other way around. I have learned quite some interesting stuff about my own culture last week.

In fact, last week I learned a lot of new things, but one of them is really connected to last week. As you might remember, 2011 has ended (yes, really) and the last day of the year is celebrated differently in different countries. The Dutch have a nasty habit though, which uniqueness I never fully realized: we try blowing up our own country. A lot of countries use fireworks to some extent, but only the Dutch are crazy enough to all buy their own and lighting it all day. Throughout December 31st, it sounds like you’re in a war zone, climaxing just after 12am. I have posted here a youtube video of Amsterdam at midnight.  Not my video, but some woman who had to endure the same stories as Missouri and has about the same reaction.


Americans: what do you think?

Dutch: anything to brag about?

Happy New Year everybody! How did you celebrate it?


13 thoughts on “Missouri Visiting, part I: Fireworks

  1. I don’t think Holland is the only country where this happens, for example in Belgium and Germany, people have the same habbit as the Dutch, speaking of fireworks ofcourse.

    • Obviously, they use fireworks as well. I have been told (on several news sites) it’s not on this scale, nor in areas this crowded. I cannot compare it for myself though. Good to have you stopping by!

      • Well, you are right on the ‘crowded’-part, but I celebrated New Year in Germany twice, and I can say that Germans are kind of extreme when it comes to fireworks. Shooting arrows out of their hands, seems normal over there.

  2. I live on the border of St. Louis and Jefferson Counties here in MO, and from the way it sounded, I thought that Jeff Co. was going to be laid waste on New Year’s Day. I was shocked to find a distinct lack of rubble on Sunday morning.

  3. When I was in Groeningen, I read about the inflammatory history of the church tower on a tour. After a description of a couple of lightning hits causing it to burn down, It was the statement, “When the Spanish left, a bonfire was lit to celebrate,” that had me thinking (Oh, let me guess what’s coming…) “The tower burned down. It was then rebuilt,” I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. I think it went down to another lightning strike before a lightning rod was installed. Before leaving, I bought a candle of the tower.

  4. What do I think? I think I LOVE IT, and I want to celebrate New Years Eve in Amsterdam in 2012! I love setting off fireworks, and I’d have a great time!
    Thanks for liking my post “Viagra For Women” and thanks for the pyrotechnic tip on Amsterdam! 🙂

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