Intervention: Missouri visiting

This is a special week. Yes, it’s Christmas! Whooooo! Not what I meant. Instead of me visiting Missouri, Missouri will be visiting me. This means I will not spend any time blogging. At all. Instead, I’ll bring out a reversed report in the style of my own blog. That’s right, a series on Missouri Visiting. Also, I’ll introduce a new feature in 2012 to replace Casual Friday. The thing I do once a month and nobody reads. You wouldn’t know, really nobody bothers to read it, so you’ve probably never heard of it. It combines Mario and food, the two topics that people seem to find most intriguing. Somehow, this could be seen as a last edition of Casual Friday.

This is how excited I am about next week, next year and all of my followers.

To sum up, I’ll be back January 4th with a new, regular topic, new posts and you all get to share my excitement for my upcoming trip: January 10 – February 8. Note to self: take pictures to support the blog. For those of you who are thinking of unsubscribing because between now and January 4th would be too long, don’t worry, next week I have a guest blogger planned. Okay, it’s really me, but a post from my other blog. To my hardcore fans who read both (not that much, I can see you): I’m sorry. You should have just taken advantage of Casual Fridays when you could have posted suggestions. I’ll see you all next year, thanks to every single one of you for reading, liking and commenting my posts. There’s more of you than I would have guessed three months ago and I am truly thankful. Let’s see each other next year. Have a very lovely Christmas!


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