Shopping XL: Mall Mania

In my daily life, I never go to the mall. I don’t even know if there’s one within driving distance. Of course, going to the States, a trip to the mall was included. I did some shopping there (I generally like shopping), but there’s an atmosphere around that I thought belonged exclusively to elevators. You’ve got the music, the hospital-like color scheme, the constant awareness of being separated from the real world and you don’t really look other people in the eye.

"Are you sure you don't want to go to that one store again?"

In my Missouri life (not that daily), I did go to a mall. I don’t know which one (as if that matters), but it had all the characteristics one would expect at a mall. Because it was a Tuesday morning, or at least the equivalent of one, the whole mall was deserted, making the experience even more striking. The biggest empty parking lot I’ve ever seen and you could hear your own foot steps echoing. I’m sure if somebody were to switch off the lights, zombies would’ve crawled from everywhere. The shopping itself wasn’t too bad. The greetings one gets when walking into a store are the first thing I noticed, but there was one guy who wouldn’t stop chatting. ‘Hi, I’m Marty, welcome to our store, let me show you our clearance section, these jeans have 20% off, over in this corner we have shirts…’ He went on for ten minutes people, I had to run into a changing stall to stop me from hearing him. It’s an experience alright…


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