Visiting California & Laughing At Myself

Okay, so at least I know I had a good laugh about last Tuesdays post, but along the week I came to realize I wasn’t that different from Mario. My first week in the States this summer I spent with family in California. As this was both my first week and I had quite some time for myself, I walked around to discover suburbian life. Mario has told you a lot about the differences between Dutch and American neighborhoods, as have I (there it is). So what did I do to express the culture differences I saw? I took pictures.

It's so spacious!

There's just no cars.

So wait, I took pictures of empty streets and parking lots? That’s right. I walked around the place, noticed how every part of public space was adjusted to cars. When I cycle around my town, there are no empty streets. Parking lots are never really empty (not a challenge), but walking around in this small Californian town, it was all empty. There were not that many cars, but that left such an amount of space, I just had to take those pictures. I realized this was a reversed Mario in Groningen experience, so I thought it would be fair to share this with you.

What kind of car do you drive?



4 thoughts on “Visiting California & Laughing At Myself

  1. I occasionally drive my parents’ volvo bringing lazy students to their family.

    And could you please to me why there’s a smiley at the bottom of this page?

  2. There’s a lot of land here which equates to a lot of space.

    Consider how differently cities developed in America and Europe. Especially western American cities. They were designed with automobiles in mind, whereas European cities grew and developed LONG before the invention of the automobile.

    I spent two weeks visiting Germany a little over ten years ago and it was the first thing I noticed about Berlin – how (seemingly to me) cramped the city was.

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