A Taste Of Where I Come From

My Tuesday post got a comment that caught my attention. mkultra76 asked me whether I’ve had toasted ravioli, a traditional Saint Louis dish (or at least that’s what the waitress told me). It reminded me of one peculiar thing about travelling: food. It’s one of the differences that stands out most, just because it’s the least abstract of the differences. Really, go anywhere in the world and people will have you taste the traditional dish, some weird local delicacy or the mother in law’s favorite recipe.  This will result in gaining some weight if you decide to stay in a country for longer than two weeks (also described in my last post).

The Dutch delicacy. It's what Americans keep asking for.

Really anywhere I’ve traveled, food is the one culture devider that comes to people’s mind. I had to taste the local dish in Morocco (least favorite, no offence), did it within my first ten minutes in Vienna (much ado about nothing), had Irish beer in Ireland (nothing wrong with that one), and got more and more local in the US. Some of the local dishes I’ve heard of in certain cities: Imo’s Pizza, toasted ravioli (Saint Louis), barbecue grill steaks (Kansas City), deepfried Twinky (any place most guys wear cowboy boots). I must be forgetting a lot of them, so please help me.

What local dishes have I not mentioned so far?

What’s the local delicacy in your city?


7 thoughts on “A Taste Of Where I Come From

  1. Imo’s pizza always sucked to me but OMG the toasted ravioli’s!! Do so miss them. Another tradition in STL was Ted Drewes frozen custard and just about anything over at Fast Eddie’s in Alton, Illinois; at least one of their burgers.

  2. Strobe waffles! Apart from those, the one Dutch dish that still makes it to our holiday tables is red cabbage. My wife is from Alton. I am going to ask her about Fast Eddies. Wim

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