Everything Is Bigger In America, So Am I

Ahhh, food. The best way to meet America is by eating. I mean, that’s what they do too. One of the questions most asked when I tell people about Missouri is: ‘How many fat people are there in Missouri?’ Well, not that much. I have not seen much more fat people than I would have in The Netherlands (there was this one guy). Maybe all the fat people were in their beds, being fed hamburgers because they couldn’t move anymore. What I did find out, is that it’s pretty easy to become one of them.

After two weeks in the US, I had gone out to eat about 15 times. I had a lot of people to meet, and so I did over dinner. Dinner starts with a bowl of chips. I’m a man, so I’ll eat anything in front of me. Without thinking, my hand will reach out to whatever people have put in front of me and I’ll shove it in. After eating what I’d normally consider a night’s worth of snacks, comes dinner. Nothing special here. Well, I do like pizza, so let’s just say I didn’t have salads for two weeks. After two weeks keeping up with this rhythm, I noticed a scale in someone’s bathroom. I got myself on it and got a heart attack. Then I translated the lbs into kilograms, and realized I needed to change my eating habits. I was welcomed by America, now it was time to tone it down a little.

Normally, my snacks are healthy. I miss my beard, is it November already?

For Americans: where should I go to gain at least 20 pounds next January?

For Dutchies: would you ever dare to serve carrots as a party snack?


14 thoughts on “Everything Is Bigger In America, So Am I

  1. I used to think my co-worker was a whale but now that I’ve read this
    “I’m a man, so I’ll eat anything in front of me. Without thinking, my hand will reach out to whatever people have put in front of me and I’ll shove it in. ”
    I’m relieved 😀

  2. the portions are just sooo big! when i was last in california i the first week i ate everything in sight,. but then i had to limiit myself to salads every now and again, or i would have had to buy an extra seat to come home!

  3. I love that you’re in Missouri. It’s so … not the state I’d expect anyone to actually visit!! That being said, I am from the Midwest (Ohio) and I love it! Admittedly not as cool as New York or Cali, but fun in its own way. I’ve lived in England for a while now, and I took one of my English friends back to the Midwest a few years back and he gained 14 lbs in about a month because of all the super sized portions, free refills and free food. So funny.

  4. Well, if you really WANT to gain another 20 pounds, just eat at Chinese food restaurants regularly, and you’ll put on that 20 pounds in a hurry! This is because although these restaurants are owned and operated by Chinese people, the menu has been “americanized” to include as much saturated fat and high calorie counts as possible, because this is what most Americans really want when they go for “Chinese” food. But I don’t think that you really want to do this, because you want to live…

    Thanks for liking my post “Deal With The Devil”! 🙂

    • The post was absolutely worth it. I haven’t tried Chinese yet. Normally if people mention food, I put it on my to do list, this time I’m not so sure though… Thanks for stopping by, welcome!

  5. I experience the same challenge when I eat out in the US. I live here and go on business trips. Finding lean meals is not easy. Fortunately I rarely eat out (maybe once a week) when I am home so I can balance it out a little. Not drinking any soda whatsoever really helps as well. Sticking with Seltzer (a.k.a. carbonated water) is a great choice. Skipping complimentary bread (or equivalents at the Chinese place) and desert are also good ways of moderating intake.

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