All Good Things In Life Are Free

Some of the things I did while in Missouri, are similar to things I could have done at home. Of course, some differences always remain, but the list of possible dates has quite an overlap in whatever country you’re in. When in The Netherlands, I like to go to Rotterdam Zoo (E18,50), the Rijksmuseum (closed, but still a neat E12,50 for the limited exhibition) or for example Science Center NEMO (E12,50). These are great trips, but in the end, my budget only allows for so much fun.

Somehow, the American people have found a solution for this budget restriction problem. They just have the rich guys pay for me. The three examples above are no coincidence, but reflect three places I’ve gone to when I was visiting Missouri. The Saint Louis Zoo first of all did remind me of the Rotterdam one. The animal habitats are spacious, the park is beautifully decorated and it’s always fun to do some animal watching. The Saint Louis Museum of Art reminded me of the Rijksmuseum, with classical pieces of art and a great collection. I haven’t been to NEMO recently, but I know how it’s fun to see science at work in small-scale settings (especially when you’re not 14 years old yet). The Saint Louis Science Center did exactly that. The big differences between going to all three of those is that the Dutch ones will end up costing you E43,50, whereas the American versions are all free. That’s music to my Dutch ears.

Every part of the three places is sponsored. When I say every part, I mean that I have seen lampposts that had the name of a sponsor on them. It was fun for me to be able to ‘just’ visit a museum or a zoo, because it takes less of an effort to do so. It’s a different world, as in so many things, but I can do nothing but appreciate the free admission. Dear sponsors, if you ever feel like sponsoring more, I’d be happy to come visit Saint Louis more often. Contact me for more information.

Also, what animal habitat would you choose to sponsor?


7 thoughts on “All Good Things In Life Are Free

  1. The Meerkats at the St. Louis Zoo are located in the Children’s Zoo area. There are also Koalas and a goat feeding area. The Children’s Zoo has an admission, but it’s free on certain days before 10:00AM. Sorry you missed those. Funny little creatures, Meerkats.

  2. I got a kick out of this article. My sister in law is Dutch. She’s from Rotterdam, and now lives in St. Louis with my brother/her husband. I live in St. Louis too. It’s great to see an outsider’s perspective of my home state and home city, especially when it echoes my own family’s experience.

    I’ve also been to the Netherlands, mostly in and around Rotterdam. I visited the Maritiem Museum as well as the Boijmans Museum, and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. I had a great time during the whole trip.

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