Casual Friday: November Recap

Already the last Friday of November (time flies), so another casual Friday. First of all, I’d like to share some of this month’s number with the stakeholders (that’s you), then I’ll tell you what other blogs I have found and would like to share and finally, I will explain what has been going on at my other blogs.

First of all, Novembers most popular post by far was the episode with the school bus. Also, Google has now found my blog and is getting me visitors that were actually looking for ‘sweaty old men’, ‘school bus commercials’ and ‘are men lazy on television’. I’ve got an audience that is hard to pin down. Luckily, some googlers found me on the exact words ‘visiting Missouri’. That was a proud moment. In blogs I follow: check out Me 2.0, who writes some of the craftiest sentences I have seen and Dances with Chaos, who turns out to be of a rare breed: she writes about her kids while actually being funny.

On my other blogs, things are getting better and better. As they have a better targeted audience, I get visitors from google all the time (how about someone looking for ‘people stuck next to obnoxious people on a subway’, I really love analyzing search engine terms), but from what I can tell, they could never have found what they were looking for. The most popular post on the other English one has to be 5 things that aren’t romantic in real life. The Dutch one has been thriving under the little side business I’m doing and gets quite some visitors every day looking for ‘Sinterklaasgedichten’. Check it out, I’d say.


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