In My Shoes: Travel Details

My summer travel schedule lead me from The Netherlands to Ireland and from Ireland to California, where I was spending a few days with family before I got to Missouri. I had landed at LAX and was waiting for my uncle to come pick me up. In the meantime, I remembered why it was very clear I had set foot on American ground: everybody was wearing sneakers. Believe me, there is no other country in the world where people in general care this little about what shoes they’re wearing. Even worse, I just went to Geneva a few times, where it is required by law to wear decent shoes (I don’t really know this, but I can’t think of another reason why everybody was wearing shoes that were perfect).

It’s very easy to spot American tourists. They’re the ones wearing sneakers. I don’t know what it is, I really love the United States, but comfort over appearance is nowhere acceptable but in the country where people love their freedom this much. Also, good-looking shoes aren’t UNcomfortable, but I believe you wouldn’t know. The land that sets the tone in its series and movies, fails to live up to its own expectations. And I’m just talking about shoes so far…

Sneakers, yay or nay?

Americans. Guess how I know.



3 thoughts on “In My Shoes: Travel Details

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