Losing Your Teeth In No Time: Missouri State Fair

One of the things I was looking forward to very much before I got to the States, was the Missouri State Fair. I was promised ‘a full submersion into MidWest redneck, cowboy boots, flannel, dip in the back pocket country living’. Now who wouldn’t jump into this immediately? It seemed like the very best chance to really feel what the Midwest is really all about.

Once we got there, I noticed one perticular thing: I forgot my cowboy boots. Or hat. Or tattoos. And I seem to be brushing my teeth an awful lot. It was a different kind of people wondering in the outskirts of Sedalia. Every dream I had about hillbillies seemed to come true at the Missouri State Fair. I remember one guy in front of me that had the typical hat (this is all stereotypes, pop culture, remember?), the worst set of teeth in the world, a thin moustache, a sweaty back and a gaze in his eyes that made me think the only thing inside his head would be a string attached to both ears to prevent them from falling off. I’m not saying they all were like that, I’m saying it was the best place to see them.

Eating a fried Twinky and being really surprised how good it actually is.

The other thing that this State Fair was the perfect opportunity for, was food. A lot of the things in series and movies that I have watched, include food that I had never had. A fair like this is the perfect moment to catch up on those exotic foods: corn dogs, funnel cake, fried Twinky (better than a normal Twinky) and fried whatever (seriously, they sell fried Jellybeans). I think I’m still digesting the aftermath of the Missouri State Fair.

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2 thoughts on “Losing Your Teeth In No Time: Missouri State Fair

  1. If you ever get the opportunity, you should try to go to a music festival in the US. Food-on-a-stick is what you’ll experience there. Seriously…I’ve seen ice-cream on a stick at a jazz festival.

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