Casual Friday: October Recap

Ladies and gentlemen,
I may have forgotten last Friday was the last of the month, so I decided to switch the two. You’re now reading last Friday’s post and if you want to read today’s, I’d like to refer you to the matter I posted last Friday. This month was the second month this very blog existed and I’d like to review it with you. The best viewed post in October was without a doubt the Episode with the guns. As expected, I have to say, because it’s bound to stir up some emotion. I was glad to see it did and people got involved in a little discussion. Feel free to add to it. Also, I have been digging deeper into the blogging community and added some links in my blogroll. I especially recommend the Guide to women, which is both hilarious and a fantastic view on life and relationships. Life in hashtags handles life in Tenessee, which is only one state away, so read it.

Lastly, I want to talk about what’s going on on my other two blogs. The one in Dutch is growing steadily, but only updated once a week. For those of you wondering: my book is at approximately 20%, hoping to get to 40% before the end of November. The other one is growing faster (updated three times a week, just not while having tests), with popular posts such as Hashtag bashing (not to be confused with Life in hashtags) and Thank You. Take a look, comment and enjoy.

For now: are there any topics that you’re dying to see written about?
What was your favorite post this month?


2 thoughts on “Casual Friday: October Recap

  1. Looks good. No preference. Random stuff is always better than planned stuff because spontaneity usually delivers better results.

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