Abortion: As If Life And Choices Are That Far Apart

In a time where blogging seems to be all about Halloween, fear not: I’ll just focus on daily life. Nothing spooky here. Although, I will touch a topic that might roar up some feelings: abortion. As a christian, people sometimes ask me what I think of it. I don’t know, really. I’m no supporter of abortion by any means, but the world is more wicked than I can account for in my life. There can be very valid reasons to decide on having an abortion and anyone who chooses abstinence as a lifestyle would never just need one. Again, if it would be this simple, the problem would not exist. I tend to get mad at some stories I hear about abortions as well as at screaming, judging people who have no idea what the real world looks like. When you’re preaching to the choir, abstinence is the way to go. When you’re preaching to the world, screaming will never get you anywhere.

In Missouri, one of the things that struck me was the amount of energy spend on the topic. Billboards that were hitting me in my guilt spot, asking me if I defended the born-to-be-babies in this world. Radio commercials that would tell people to get to their clinic while the company sorted out the paperwork. In an environment like that, it seemed impossible not to take an extreme stance. Every now and then, the discussion pops up in The Netherlands, but in Missouri, it seemed an endless debate. It truly is some sort of war, with two sides fighting over any ground they can get. Opting for pro-life or pro-choice seems not based on your own beliefs and preferences, keeping in mind every story is about people, but both are being made to a benchmark on one’s steadfastness. Giving in to the other side is made equal to lying to yourself and betraying the world.

It’s not all this bad. As always, the people that shout the hardest, get the most attention and could well be far off the main public. While I was still in shock about the intensity of the debate, I saw a flyer from the church I was visiting. Every week, women were being invited to a post-abortion support group and bible study. ‘Offsite for confidentiality.’ Hallelujah.

PS. I googled ‘abortion’ to find a picture, got sick and will spare you both the details and the picture.


12 thoughts on “Abortion: As If Life And Choices Are That Far Apart

  1. There is no answer to this topic. When you outlaw abortion it will go under ground. When you legalize abortion at least it is controlled. But this pisses off people who are opinionated against it. Personally I believe the world has way too many people as it is. Global warming, a lot of wars, extinction of (especially mega) fauna and other misery would be avoided with 2 billion people rather than the 7 billion we have now..

  2. You’re a brave man (or rash), for wading into this topic. Make sure you watch your step before you go any deeper, the currents are strong and treacherous.

    In any case, both sides should at least agree on less confusing labels:
    a) anti-abortion v. pro-abortion?
    b) pro-life v. anti-life?
    c) anti-choice v. pro-choice?

    Option A seems most straightforward to me. But I guess that’s a definition of a war, when both sides can’t agree on basics such as language.

    Case in point, when you were in Missouri did you, by the way, ever hear anyone refer to “The Civil War”? In the South, they still call it “The War of Northern Aggression”. No kiddin.

    • I think indeed some part of the overheated discussion is due to the confusing (maybe overstated) labels. Of course, agreeing on such would imply taking a small loss. I have heard someone refer to The Civil War, I guess I’ll just have to move southwards too one day.

    • I know this is a rather old post and comment, but I wanted to throw in my two cents: Option A may seem straightforward, but it can really misrepresent people who are pro-choice. A large proportion of pro-choicers aren’t really “pro-abortion.” They simply want women to have a choice, even though they may not choose abortion themselves or may view abortion as a very unfortunate, but sometimes necessary, solution.

    • I personally feel abortion is wrong, but I can see perfectly well how those without my Christian viewpoint can argue that the concept of a human being gets less ambigious as time progresses, but starts out rather fluid. I tried to truly emphasize how I feel the two known definitions (pro-life and pro-choice) have no room for judging case by case, whereas I think that’s important. Also do I feel a strong pro-life stance will block other important aspects of loving our neighbors, as even I feel rejected by people who represent the strongest pro-life stances. I myself would not choose abortion or advice anyone to chose it, but I feel we live in a broken world where we cannot expect people to necessarily feel the same. With God’s help I want to change the brokenness, but not by taking an opposing stance.

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  4. It may have escaped the male attention, but women have a right to decide about their own bodies, what happens to them and what they want out of life. There are many, many reasons why women have abortions, some on medical grounds, others because they were raped, others again because they simply have not the financial means of bringing up another child.

    Those who scream loudest in the anti-abortion camp are invariably those who ignore the hundreds of thousands of children who stay in foster homes or orphanages because nobody wants them – particularly boys are unwanted in the adoption game. Any child that’s older than three has very little chance of being adopted. So where are those bible-preaching people queuing up to adopt such unwanted children and give them love, encouragement, a home, protection, shelter? You’ve guessed it, there are no queues. In Wales alone there are some 70,000 children at any one time who are in care – that’s foster care or some sort of state run facility, where they are bullied, receive the minimum of care and no love whatsoever. That’s the reality of screaming so loudly against abortion – children with no chance in life and not a shred of that infamous Christian charity being extended to them either.

    • I’m against abortion. As am I against all those social problems you mentioned that can be the root of abortion. I feel christians could shift attention from the latter to the former more often. But well, I can only do so much.

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