Tuesday Travel Blog: Morocco part II

Last week, you could read part I of my Morocco travels. This week it’s the final part. Don’t worry, I’ll have to make new travels before one of those pops op again. Next Tuesday Travel Blog will at least be on American soil.

When we reached the desert village after ten hours of driving (six of them without radio, just the two of us) it started raining. Here we were, the best known dry place on earth and raindrops fell on our wind screen. While we prepared for our camel ride, wind started blowing and in the desert we rode, one guide and the both of us, riding our camels.

After half an hour the wind got harder, a thunderstorm was developing and rain was really pouring down on us. It was an amazing adventure, but didn’t seem to fit the picture. We did have a great time seeing the desert anyway. I was struck by the combination of nature’s forces and the majestic emptiness of the desert, although it’s probably a good thing the thunderstorm never broke loose and was only rumbling now and then.

When we arrived at the camp, it stopped raining and we had a romantic candle light dinner with Mohammed, our guide. It’s safe to say my camel had a more pleasant way of eating. Making sure we were absolutely stuffed, Mohammed pulled out the water melons and made sure nothing went to waste. He was a good guide and very friendly. The morning just before we left the camp he showed us his hand knitted camel toys. For just 10 Euros it could be ours. We liked it, but the price was too much, not even worth bargaining about. Good call, as Mohammed’s ‘hand knitted camels’ were so popular, they even made it to a lot of shops in Marrakesh (for around 4 Euros). Not the best way to leave a good impression.

After dinner the sky above the desert cleared and we decided to sleep under a very starry sky (shooting stars included). When waking up, the first thing we saw was Mohammed’s head floating above us. He showed us a dune top to watch the sunrise, while he prepared the camels for the way back. After taking the sunrise pictures we rode back in the way we would have figured it would be: hot and sunny. The contrast between the two trips made each of them more special.

We got back to the village, took a shower, ate breakfast and drove back to Marrakesh. It seems weird to summarize ten hours of driving in one sentence, but there’s nothing new to tell. Getting back in Marrakesh our navigation system failed. We ended up at a dead end street in the medina, where the traffic is as dense as in the old town, but squeezed into narrower streets and alleys. The rules of the road seemed flexible to say the least and every second dogs, pedestrians and mopeds would pop up unexpectedly, making the trip to the airport nerve wrecking, especially bearing in mind A. had driven a solid ten hours already. As a grande finale to her proven driving skills, she got us to the airport. We were helped by a guy on a moped that we followed as he showed us the way. We headed to the hostel and back to the main square to get some souvenirs. All of our souvenirs taken care of, we got back to the hostel where we ended the night with a cold beer.


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