Welcome To The Midwest, Now Hold This Beauty

I believe a country without guns is safer than a country that has many. When visiting Missouri, however, one cannot escape the inevitable men hobby there: guns. As a Dutch man, guns are nowhere to be found in my surroundings. Virtually nobody owns a gun where I’m from and flaunting it is highly frowned upon. Of course, when writing a blog about visiting the Midwest, you can’t do without the pictures.

The pictures that come with this post are made in two different settings, of which the latter was most interesting. My girlfriend wanted to attend a baby shower and had to leave me somewhere. Luckily, the man of the house had anticipated on a babysitting role and had provided his property for the boys to go play on.

A variety of hand guns and rifles was laid out for me to try. Being helped and properly instructed, I fired every type. I wish I could name them to you, but I have forgotten all their names and traits. I was better at it than I had expected to be, but nothing spectacular really happened. A few things I still don’t get though:

    • First of all, as I said, there was a variety of guns and some guys had brought their own. Among the guns I saw two slingshots laying there. I figured joking about it would not help me blend in, but can somebody explain to me why slingshots are cool too?
    • Secondly, why so many? I can see how you’d need a gun in a country that hands them out to criminals, but since you’ve got only two hands, more than two guns seems rather redundant.
    • Finally, when talking about the deer hunt, guns aren’t cool. My country may be without guns, but we kill our deer, while blindfolded, with a sharp pencil, our bare hands and two marshmallows. Who needs a gun to kill a deer?
Could someone answer at least one of those questions? What is your point of view on shooting guns as a hobby? Shoot!

14 thoughts on “Welcome To The Midwest, Now Hold This Beauty

  1. Not only do I believe that guns should be legal for philosophical reasons (it’s part of the constant people vs. government power struggle that occurs with any democratic form of government), but guns actually don’t result in more murders or other crimes. And I’m saying all of this without being a gun owner or NRA member.

    The REAL issue is that it’s all too easy to illegally purchase guns wherever you are. The overly strict regulation of firearms results in an enormous black market. And the existence of such a black market actually compounds the issue by providing untraceable weapons. If people were to commit crimes with their own weapons, they could be caught far more easily.

    And as for why anyone would want a lot of guns, well, it’s recreation. People who own many guns use them (recreationally), and enjoy their usage. Different guns shoot differently, feel differently, etc. And it’s not about them being “cool,” although I’m sure there are people who purchase guns to seem cool, it’s about enjoyment.

    When it comes to hunting, on a moral level, I’m against hunting for sport and not using the animal you killed. Oh, and slingshots are cool because they’re difficult to master and very fun to use.

    • This is really a non issue. The real problems in the world evolve around scarcity of resources as well as culture and the ability of countries to establish effective governance.

      • Who are you to decide which issues are legitimate and which are passe? Not only do gun laws affect the ability of countries to maintain effective governance, but they have a lot to do with CULTURE. For example, in certain parts of America, hunting and shooting are ways of life, recreation, etc. Don’t exhibit your ignorance by claiming that guns are a non-issue.

      • I am talking about whether or not countries are succeeding on a macro level. Whether individuals can or cannot bear arms is a non issue in that context. Americans carrying weapons is not fixing the trade deficit, failing governance, unemployment, federal / state / county / municipal deficits, failing education system, failed wars, aging infrastructure. Nor is it making it worse.

  2. …so you’re saying we should ignore every issue that doesn’t affect the world on a macro level? That’s a healthy perspective.

    • Not at all. I was just sharing my perspective. And to each person their personal issues are always valid. And I am fully aware of the fact that guns are an important part of American culture. Guns are an important part of many cultures. My wish is to move to a state like TX in a few years from now so I can actually have my own guns for sport. I am very fond of hunting and target practice and see no problems in upstanding citizens owning weapons.

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