Casual Friday: September Recap

Ladies and gentlemen,
it’s the last Friday of the month: time for a recap. It’s been almost a month since I’ve come back home and I’ve had a lot of fun blogging about these so called ‘United States’. I have been taking notes my whole journey and now they are slowly resulting in a blog that gets filled. It’s almost like having a baby: it grows so fast. Also, after starting, there were several things I had to figure out. I have decided to blog twice a week, Tuesday and Friday. I’m still unsure about how bad I can stalk people on Facebook, but everybody I talk to seems to wait for my status updates to provide them the link. For all these people: check out the subscribe button on the right. It will send you an email whenever I publish a post and will save you the trouble of going to my blog. Isn’t that amazing. On the right side you’ll also see a few links that may interest you, feel free to browse. The next new feature I’d like to introduce is Travel Blog Tuesday, every other Tuesday, where instead of my anthropology, I’ll just describe my travels. Is there anything you’d like to see written about? Any topics you feel are missing? It’s casual Friday, you can just tell me…


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