Disclaimer: Do Not Copy This Post

The American economy is build mainly on two things: advertisement and seizing opportunities. Of course, Americans are hard workers and a lot of others things contribute to their healthy economy (yes, this is irony), but these two make an awful combination. What happens for instance when lawyers go seize opportunities? You get ridiculous commercials. Half of them are for actual law firms, convincing you to make at least someone responsible for the things that happen to you when living. Did you just sneeze? Sue the municipality for not blocking the sun from shining in your eyes. Did you trip on the street and hurt your knee? Are you in luck! You can now sue both the local government and the doctors that didn’t give you a full medical. Seeing this, you realize it’s only a few people, but still. It makes you wonder whether they’re that stupid or that evil.

So how do we fix this? How do we make sure Americans also understand that life brings risks? As I said: their economy is build on two things. The best way to reach Americans is to adjust the advertisement and tell them you should only use the product the way the makers intended it. A few examples: the two kids that are launching their brother in a giant catapult? Actors! And you can’t even copy it! Then what’s the fun of the product? If I can’t use my laptop in the shower, then what’s the added value of the mobility? You cannot iron your shirt while wearing it; that could be a problem when you’re in a hurry. Olive Garden has a never ending pasta bowl, but the disclaimer says it’s only for a limited time. I don’t want to be focused on details too much, but that’s not never ending now, is it? The one that really made me disappointed about the product, was the Superman cape. You guessed it: ‘do not attempt to fly’. What’s your most ridiculous example?

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3 thoughts on “Disclaimer: Do Not Copy This Post

  1. De cultuur van rechtzaken en aansprakelijkheid zal alleen veranderen wanneer er op federaal en deelstaat niveau een keuze wordt gemaakt om aansprakelijkheid in te dammen. Alleen zal dit niet gebeuren omdat de rechtspraak gebaseerd is op jury uitspraken en niet op basis van gecodificeerd recht en redelijkheid en billijkheid. Het is ook erg ironisch dat de VS aan de ene kant prat gaat op eigen verantwoordelijkheid maar aan de andere kant een onbeperkte schadeloosheidsstelling voor futilitieiten kent. Ik trek me weinig aan van voorschriften en de rechtzakencultuur. In de meeste gevallen heb je daar namelijk weinig aan. De kans om een zaak te winnen met een advocaat die op basis van “geen gelijk, geen beloning” werkt is namelijk zeer klein.

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